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Got Rats or Mice in the House?
Have you discovered a rodent in the house? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. All houses, even new ones, provide a tempting harbor for rats and mice.

The big question is: what are you going to do about it? Rats and mice can carry disease that can be harmful to your family. These diseases can be transmitted by contaminated food and also by the animal’s feces. Rats and mice can also reproduce at an alarming rate, and quickly, your home can get overrun.
Don’t leave your rodent problem to chance, call A-B-K today for a thorough and professional extermination.

Due to the dangers of disease and the potential for an even larger infestation, the sooner you call us the better. Our certified exterminator knows how to eliminate your problem and get your home pest free again.
Keeping Rodents out of Your Business
All businesses, from food establishments to warehouses, can be an attractive refuge to rats and mice. Sometimes, all it takes is a shipment from a supplier with an infestation problem and you’ve got your unwelcome guests.
Our certified exterminator knows just what to do. When you set up an affordable Pest Management Program with A-B-K, you’ll be able to put your mind at rest and get back to business.
Industrial Vegetation Management
In order to keep your business pest free, it’s also important to eliminate all the weeds three to six feet from the perimeter of your building. This way, you take away the bedding and shelter of rodents. And, even if your perimeter is covered in stone, weeds still have a tendency to grow.
We can conduct bare ground and curb line treatment around your property that will eliminate weeds and the hiding places of rats and mice.
What Can You Do Keep Rodents Out?
Keeping the grounds around your home or business clutter free can help deter rats and mice from finding their way inside. When you remove fall leaves and pieces of wood away from your structure, you help eliminate harboring places for rats and mice.
Getting rid of clutter inside your home or business establishment is also a good idea. Remove all unnecessary materials from the basement and garage, and you’ll do your part in helping to keep your home or business pest free.
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