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Denny Jacobs Certified ExterminatorI’m Denny Jacobs and I know firsthand how hard hitting the economy can be. For nearly 30 years I worked in a local food distribution center, only to be laid off due to budget cuts. That’s when I started A-B-K Pest Control. I now put my previous pest control training and experience to good use helping our community keep pests out and costs down.                                Call Denny-Your Local Exterminator
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Me and my children - Adam, Brian and Kimberly (A-B-K)I’ve lived all my life on the outskirts of Mechanicsburg, Pa. This is where my wife, Jeanne, and I met and where we’ve raised our three kids, Adam, Brian and Kimberly. I care about this community and its surrounding areas.
Here's Adam, Brian, Kimberly & Denny 
That’s why Jeanne and I started A-B-K Pest Control. We’re aware that people have issues with pests like insects and rodents, and we know how to help. We’re glad to be able to offer you an affordable, professional choice within your own community.
Fully Insured, Licensed and Certified
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When you choose A-B-K Pest Control to eliminate or manage your pests and infestations, you make a responsible choice. A-B-K is state licensed and certified through the Pa Dept. of Agriculture. We are able to exterminate household invaders, wood destroying pests and to perform industrial weed management.
By following the highest standards of state and federal laws, A-B-K will safely and effectively find, resolve and follow through on your pest control issues.
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When you call A-B-K Pest Control, you have the unique advantage of talking directly with me, Denny Jacobs. I’m a certified exterminator, and I’ve had years of experience in pest management. I’ll personally help uncover and resolve the root of your problem.
A one-time treatment may be all you need to eliminate your pest issues. If this is determined, A-B-K will guarantee the extermination of your pests. And, if a routine pest management plan is recommended, A-B-K can set up something that’s effective and affordable.
Find out how A-B-K can help you with your pest control problem.
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Pennsylvania with copy pngA-B-K Pest Control is fully insured!A-B-K is a memeber of the West Shore Chamber of Commerce
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